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Compliance Engineering for Rail projects

AIS provides a comprehensive Rail Compliance Engineering Service ensuring new, refurbished or altered systems or assets are compliant through the various stages of the project life cycle from initiation, development, design, construction, delivery, testing and commissioning, bringing into use through to handover.

Our compliance services also cover assurance of maintenance, operation and management of systems and assets including the withdrawal, decommissioning, demolition and disposal of systems. We also provide guidance on infrastructure protection, movement monitoring and structural assessment.

We provide the essential approvals and assurance for a range of disciplines to clients and project teams that user requirements, legislation, operator standards and other related standards and codes of practice have been met.

Dependant on whether works are taking place underground or overground your project will need to comply with:-

  1. Operator Standards (this is determined by the Infrastructure Owner)
  2. The Railways and other Guided Transport Systems (Safety) Regulations 2006 (ROGS)
  3. All relevant International, European and National standards and legislation.
  4. Fire Precautions (Sub-surface Railways) Regulations 2009 (England)

The compliance and assurance approval process adopted on a rail project is dependent on who the Infrastructure Owner is. Each Infrastructure Owner have their own processes which highlight relevant legislation and standards to be complied with and documentation required at various stages of the project life-cycle from conceptual, design through to construction phase and occupation.

Additionally, AIS can provide experts to undertake defined roles within client offices and draft key assurance and design documentation.

Our project experience includes:-

We are registered/verified by RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) to provide services to the UK Rail Sector and our Engineers have been accredited by London Underground on a multitude of projects, confirming our competence and engineering skill base to deliver assurance services.

We have worked with London Underground, London Overground and railway approved contractors on major, multi-disciplinary development schemes including the:-

To discuss your project needs please call or email:

Stephen Remo -
Darren Stranger -

Tel: 020 7491 1914

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