Building Surveying


Feasibility studies evaluate the practicability of a proposed scheme or project commercially and technically.

We strategize with our clients before completing an assessment on the various influences that may impact a project, providing a detailed and concise report appraising any scheme.

Our reports are project are tailored to suit each instruction. However, fundamentally our reports comprise the following:

  • Specification/scope of works
  • Design and layout possibilities (with our in-house architects) and restrictions
  • Budget costs including professional, statutory and other fees
  • Options appraisal
  • Programme and timing
  • Statutory compliance matters such as planning, Building Regulations and Listed Building Consent, CDM, sustainability, legal/lease obligations etc.

Feasibility studies are an essential stage in any construction procurement process. They fully evaluate a proposed project prior to committing significant expenditure. Where additional specialist consultants are required, AIS can work with well establish professionals, acts as the Project Manager/Lead Consultant, ensuring that there is a coordinated approach to the feasibility report.

Building Surveys

AIS carry out Pre-Acquisition Surveys for all purposes, tailoring reports so that they meet the purchaser’s requirements.

Our reports include a detailed analysis of the entire premises; building structure, maintenance requirements and identified defects, but also highlights any legislation that may impact the users, owners and occupiers of commercial premises.

We provide an oral report immediately following the survey and the written report within one 5 working days of the inspection.

If repair works are required, we can offer Design, Specification and Project Management Services.

AIS has an affluence range of experience in the survey and diagnosis of property defects to all property types and construction methods.

We use our expertise on construction methods and materials, and associated defects to:

  • Carry out site inspections and provide detailed advice
  • Identify and analyse any defects
  • Specify, tender and oversee cost effective repairs.

We use the latest technology, where appropriate, to aid in the diagnosis and rectification of defects.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

AIS offers professional advice on PPM including the formulation of maintenance strategies, and guidance on physical implementation of maintenance work.

Our expertise allows us to offer realistic and practical advice to building owners, occupiers and property managers for the full range of existing and new build commercial, residential and public buildings.

We can recommend feasible and viable solutions for maintenance to enhance value and protect property assets, ensuring that the advice given is tailored to meet the client’s objectives for the property and the budget available.

We are experienced in developing PPM programmes for public and private sector clients, including for offices, shopping centres, industrial, residential and the education sector properties among others.

AIS can prepare high quality reports in an efficient and professional manner, which can be tailored to suit the needs of individual clients.

Licence for Alterations

Tenant alterations to a leased property are normally undertaken subject to a Licence for Alterations. This is a legal document annexed to a lease which carefully identifies and records the works to be undertaken and the reinstatement obligations at the lease expiry.

Licences can produce significant and contentious disputes between the landlord and tenant. With our well established expertise in Dilapidation matters, we know that dealing properly with alterations before

they are carried out will significantly reduce the scope for dispute. Defect Analysis/Building Pathology AIS has a wealth of experience in the survey and diagnosis of construction and building fabric defects to all building and construction types and ages. We use our expertise on construction methods and materials, along with an up to date knowledge of current failures, to:

  • Carry out site inspections and appraisals. Identify and analyse any defects.
  • Provide in depth and analytical advice.
  • Specify, tender and oversee implementation of sympathetic and cost effective repairs.

It is usual in any lease that the tenant will have certainobligations as to what condition the property should be left at lease end, so AIS acts on dilapidations instructions on behalf of a wide variety of landlords and tenantsacross all property sectors, building types and ages.

AIS have extensive experience in dilapidation negotiations. We are able to produce a schedule of dilapidation which details the condition of a property, identifying any failures by the tenant to adhere to the covenants agreed in the lease. The document will also include assessments of potential costs the tenant could be responsible for if repairs, etc. are not completed before the end of a lease.

A schedule of dilapidations is typically produced towards the end of a lease agreement but can be undertaken at any point during the lease. The timing of the work is dependent on the situation. We are also able to provide a tenant with professional advice and form a robust defence to claim’s that may not be entirely reflective of the lease agreement covenants. AIS work transparently with all parties to ensure successful settlements are agreed.

Schedule of Condition

A Schedule of Condition is a record of the precise condition of a building and the associated external surfaces and boundary areas at a certain point in time.AIS has extensive experience in the production of suchschedules for landlords, tenants, contractors,developers, building owners and adjoining owners.

Design and Specification  

Procurement and tendering strategies are fundamental to the successful completion of construction projects. AIS’s experience in planning and deploying tailored approaches with our clients enables them to have confidence in knowing there will be reduced risk and cost efficiency.

Three key drivers – time, cost and quality – influence the final choice of procurement. AIS work with our client’s to prioritise these factors at an early stage and form a preeminent team, taking into consideration the client’s attitude towards risk and compliance.

Throughout our twenty year history AIS has consistently been appointed to assist clients with health and safety issues relating to site based activities and, since 2015, to undertake the role of CDM Principal Designer.

Construction Management

Contract Administration is a core element of AIS’s work, with the majority of our surveyors having the skills necessary to perform as a Contract Administrator.

We have experience across the full suite of Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) group contracts, New Engineering Contract (NEC), as well as client-specific forms, in all sectors throughout the UK.

Our all-embracing work includes projects on commercial buildings, which are often fully occupied, as well as listed buildings and those in conservation areas.

Our service includes:

  • Preparing a client brief, budget plan and master programme
  • Establishing a strategic project framework
  • Assembling a project team
  • Coordinating the work of designers
  • Preparing specifications and tender documentation
  • Obtaining competitive tenders
  • Reviewing tenders and selecting a contractor
  • Providing technical and procedural advice
  • Controlling budgets
  • Overseeing the project works
  • Certification of payment and variations and assessing reasons for delays
  • Ensuring that agreed specifications are met within agreed budgetary and time parameters

For more information about our services and to discuss your project needs please call 020 7491 1914.