Chartered Surveying

A core division of our business and with over 20 years of experience, AIS provide the highest levels of Chartered Surveying for corporate and private clients.


Our ethos for surveying emphasises on key and risk management reporting which is designed to give you focus and confidence. AIS are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), we abide by the ‘Code of Conduct’ in order to deliver an exceptional customer service.

From inception to completion, AIS clients benefit from a proactive and multi-disciplined approach. Our surveyors develop problem solving and innovate solutions which always deliver exceptional results. The specialist assessments AIS conduct on properties and structures help identify defects, future issues and potential problems, as well as providing tailored, cost effective solutions. As a business, we often re-evaluate processes to allow us to continually improve accuracy and future proof client investments.

We take pride in consistency and always aim to provide an outline of repair options along with the potential consequences if no action is taken, in order for you to make informed decisions. We’ll closely examine the structure and condition of the building and of the services. We take into account visible defects as well as considering potential problems caused by hidden flaws.

At AIS we believe in client anonymity and hold our professional integrity in high regards. This is shown through our success of ongoing work with repeat clients and our continued growth and relationships being built with our new clients.