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Building Control

AIS are licensed and approved by the Construction Industry Council to deliver full building regulation approval services throughout England and Wales.

We are recognised as a market leader within the industry in applying intelligently the Building Regulations to a wide range of specialised and complex buildings, ensuring regulatory performance requirements are satisfied and delivering safe living and working environments.

Services include:

The type of Approval you will need will depend on what and where the building is. If your project is commercial or residential you may require Building Regulation Approval. If your development is a railway or airport project you should refer to Compliance Engineering.

The Building Regulations are made under powers set out in the Building Act 1984, and apply in England and Wales. Nearly all ‘building works’ are required to comply with some or all them. The Building Regulations set out the requirements for minimum technical performance levels in health and safety, fire safety, building access and energy conservation.

When do the Building Regulations apply?

The following types of “building work” are identified within the Building Regulations and require Building Regulation Approvals:-

  1. the erection or extension of a building
  2. the provision or extension of a controlled service or fitting in or in connection with a building
  3. the material alteration of a building, or a controlled service or fitting
  4. work required by regulation 6 (requirements relating to material change of use)
  5. the insertion of insulating material into the cavity wall of a building
  6. work involving the underpinning of a building
  7. work undertaken that changes the building energy status, walls, etc, ‘U’ values and consequential improvements

Our in house team of building control surveyors are supported by our multi-disciplined team including fire engineers, civil/structural engineers and access consultants all who have a wealth of experience and knowledge gained over many years in the construction industry working on projects of national significance. Some of our experiences include:

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